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Savage Guns (1971)
Era Sam Wallash!... lo chiamavano... E Così Sia (original title)
Director: Demofilo Fidani (as Miles Deem)
Writers: Demofilo Fidani (as Miles Deem), Mila Vitelli Valenza (as Mila Vitelli)
Stars: Robert Woods, Dino Strano, Benito Pacifico
Genre: Western
Runtime: 1h 28min
Country: Italy
Also Known As: His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen

A cruel and ruthless bandit kills a tavern owner who had ratted him out to the authorities. Sam Wallbush witnesses the m*rder, as well as the m*rder of his brother who happens to get in the way of the bandit. Sam swears revenge and sets out for blood. Written by Fryingham

User Review:
''This is a very quirky film. It is, at times, unintentionally funny, and at other times just plain bizarre, but hey I like that kind of stuff so it's alright with me. I actually find this film to be extremely entertaining. Of the four or five Demofilo Fidani movies I have seen, this one is the best.

The music score by Lallo Gori is excellent. It is probably the highest-quality part of the movie. The trumpets, guitar, and organ are used skillfully to create suspense and emotion with a style that is undeniably spaghetti western.

Though Fidani's movies are not known for good acting, Robert Woods actually does a pretty good job in this one as Sam Wallach, the slightly whacked protagonist who suffers from dooraphobia (Yes, he breaks out in a cold sweat and gets hysterical at the mere thought of a door opening and closing. I'm not making this up!) Simonetta Vitelli is also good as Fanny the barmaid. I can't think of any other Fidani film that actually has TWO halfway decent acting performances.

I noticed that another reviewer has commented that the movie seems out of order and makes no sense. Actually, there is a plot here and it's not all that hard to follow. The order of events seems correct to me. It is a simple revenge tale. It's a rather typical story, but a pretty decent one. It also has more action than the other Fidani westerns I have seen. Perhaps my copy is a more complete version than some of the others out there. I'm not sure. It's 85 min. long.

The movie's got some corny dialog, but that just makes for more laughs, which is a good thing. I suspect it's because the English translation is poorly done, but who knows?

Some strange highlights of the film include a surreal, slow-motion brawl with echoing sound and laughter, an odd conversation between the main villain and his g*ng where he orders them to split up to avoid capture but doesn't mind when they refuse to leave, a way over-the-top cheesy slow-motion flashback sequence, Sam's dooraphobia, of course, and a French female barroom singer whose accent seems more German than French. She sounds like she has a microphone, and sings in a style that sounds more like it's from the 1930's than the 1870's.

You either love this kind of stuff or you don't. Like I said before, I find it very entertaining. I'd rather watch this one than many of the so-called "great" films. It sure beats the h*ll out of trying to sit through "Gone With the Wind." Yuck!'' Written by spider89119 on IMDb.


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