Judas Priest - Classic Album: British Steele

This installment of the Classic Albums series, in which rock stars talk about the creation of their albums, focuses on the making of British Steel, the 1980 album by Judas Priest, a working class British, heavy metal band led by screechy lead singer Rob Halford. As Halford (who has since left the band) and his mates explain what went into the lyrics and recording of the songs that made up the record, the talking heads are intercut with performance footage of a band that helped launch the metal and speed-metal surge of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Track List:

1. Breaking the Law 00:40
2. United 13:03
3. Metal Gods 16:25
4. Rage 28:08
5. Grinder 34:31
6. Living After Midnight 36:46
7. End Credits 48:36
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