Slasher Sunday- Don’t Go in the Woods... Alone!

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Here is some info about the channel

My name is Jason and I’ve been a film nut for over 30 years now. I typically upload a video or two every single day. I review and do breakdown Discussions of film, mainly horror and lesser discussed films but I also cover the popular films as well. I also Do Discussion Videos on tv Series, comics and video games almost always in the horror genre. Every Sunday I do Slasher Sunday where I breakdown a Slasher Film and on Monday I do Monster Monday. Thanks for checking out my channel and please consider subscribing if you are a huge fan of film like me. Thank you.

If you want to send me some stuff I’ll be happy to take it. My Address is

Sinister Cinema Reviews
P.O. box 2256
Cottonwood Az 86326 (this address will be good until I move October 1st 2018)

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