20 Best Horror Film Scores & Movie Soundtracks to Haunt You This Halloween 2016 [Horror Music]

Top Horror Movie Soundtracks – Music for Halloween. Looking for a terrifying horror movies soundtracks to listen this Halloween 2016? Here are the best horror movie songs, scores, soundtracks and music. The best horror movie music is scary music. It evokes feelings of terror, fright, or dread. The best horror movie soundtrack enhances the effectiveness of the scene that it accompanies. Without the music, the best scary scenes might only be half as effective, or not at all. Great horror movie soundtracks are those that give you an unsettling feeling when you listen to them, even if you have not seen the movies where they came from. You can listen to these music as background for your Halloween parties, or if you are just in the mood for creepiness. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween, and all the kiddies are gearing up in their ghost and ghoul guises while the adults get to ready to hunker down in front of a big ol’ TV with a bottle of wine and watch scary movies (at least that’s how we picture adults behaving). If you’re like most people, chances are you’ll pick a classic flick to watch, and if that flick is like most classic flicks, chances are it’ll have a killer score. Horror, perhaps more than any other genre of cinema, makes proficient use of aural manipulation to conjure the appropriate feelings of fear, angst, and discomfort. There are a handful of things that can turn a memorable horror movie into an iconic one: a thrilling and original conceit, a franchise-worthy serial killer, and jaw-dropping effects come to mind. But an all-important element of a successful horror movie is one that can’t be gleaned from posters and casting reports, or even most trailers. The score of a horror movie, from a memorable theme, to an atmospheric enhancement of scenes, right down to the closing credits, can elevate a good film to a great one, with the best standing the test of time. Just as important as any brutal horror stab scene is the music building tension behind it. As you’ll notice in the list below, a great horror flick isn’t only helped massively by a skin-crawling soundtrack—it requires it. And although we have shuddered our way through countless horror movies over at Paste, we’ve selected only the most identifiable, iconic horror themes for the list below.

01 - Halloween (Trick or Treat)
02 - Halloween (Main Theme)
03 - The Fog (Main Theme)
04 - The Thing (Main Theme)
05 - Halloween III (Main Theme)
06 - The Shining (Main Theme)
07 - Friday the 13th (Main Theme)
08 - Hellraiser II (Main Theme)
09 - Christine (Main Theme)
10 - Halloween Obscura II (Vampyres)
11 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (Main Theme)
12 - Children of the Corn (Main Theme)
13 - Creepshow (Prologue)
14 - Dawn of the Dead (Main Theme)
15 - Pumpkinhead (Main Theme)
16 - The Omen (Main Theme)
17 - Halloween Obscura II (October 31)
18 - Trick r Treat (Main Theme)
19 - World War Z (Main Theme)
20 - Halloween III (Halloween Montage)

Never mind those sugary sweets. Halloween brings some delectable ear candy, too. But which (witch?) Halloween songs are the most popular? As you prepare your Halloween party playlists, we're helping to make sure that you don't miss a single graveyard smash, as we present our creepy countdown of Top Halloween Songs. Because when it comes to Halloween, these are the songs you wouldn't want to be caught ... dead ... without.
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