The Night Murders 2 [12/30/2016] ( A CTC ORIGINAL SHORT MOVIE)

The Night Murders 2: 7 Years Later is my "movie of the week" Filmed back in the spring of 2008. John Carpenter's Halloween was always one of my favorite horror movies along with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky and Jason, so I decided to shoot my own "horror" short flick! 7 Years after Freddie Johnson survived the murders that killed his 3 friends, he's now living and Texas and someone has decided to pick up the killings, who will survive? Watch it!

Check out the one the only the original THE NIGHT MURDERS linked below

John Carpenter's Halloween was a huge inspiration for my short flick so from the beginning of it you'll see hints sounds of Halloween, its a student film I did for Highschool I only wish I could have produced my own SOUND!

"CEO/Creator" Message:
My names JaRell Rayshawn Collins, I was born 8/18/89 in OHIO. Like the ABC show "The Goldberg's" im the young black version of the character Adam, since I could remember Ive always had a video camera in my hand or was being videotaped hamming it up.

With this youtube platform and its features I thought id be fun to make a channel and spin off channels showcasing my videos from past to present.

YouTube "in my head" is like Direct tv or Comcast Cable(they provide the channel's for tv) and they(youtube) are the "online" version with millions upon millions of channels being created since 2005.

In 2008 I created THE CTC on YouTube and now FINALLY after years I am able to upload old and new content every other Sunday thru Saturday on a regularly basis with breaks of course.

I honestly just want to act and make movies and television content in this life of mine and I'm hoping somebody famous(actors,directors, agents etc)will notice my YouTube channels as something creative and unique and want to give me that opportunity to act along slide them, direct, write and produce. While I pursue finding in agent here in LA im just going to keep busy with THE CTC, THE CTC 2, THE CTC CLASSIC, BPNF NETWORK and MTYT Tv I hope you'll will watch my content and support it. Its NOT up to CBS ABC NBC FOX CW Standards but as a lover of Television and somebody who'd LOVE to be on ALL those channels at one point in my life ive taken something from all of them and put it into The CTC Newtorks.

So if you view a CTC video, specifically thru your computer click on my pop up banners throughout the video, watch the promos and click the links to take advantage of the whole CTC viewing experience and leave feed back. Remember im just an aspiring actor and filmmaker no need for hate lets all just support each other and root for the other to reach their goals and aspirations. Acting and Filming will be in my blood till I die and I hope all of you with your views and subscriptions will help launch me into this crazy Hollywired I mean WOOD world where I can just act, make some good content and get that OSCAR, GOLDEN GLOBE, EMMY, PEOPLE CHOICE AWARD, HOLLYWOOD STAR maybe even a TONY lol.
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