The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950) [Film Noir] [Crime]

Wealthy socialite Lois Frazer wants a divorce from her husband, but he's not ready to let her go so easy. Suspecting that he intends to murder her, she calls Lieutenant Ed Cullen, with whom she's been having an affair, in an effort to save herself from her husband's wrath. When Ed arrives someone dies, but it's not Lois. With his lover's husband shot dead, Ed finds himself the ironic and dangerous position of being assigned a case that no one knows he actually witnessed. In addition to trying to control the investigation, Ed also has the misfortune of having his own younger brother, a new detective on the force, by his side every step of the way, eager to prove himself.


Directed by Felix E. Feist, produced by Jack M. Warner, written by Seton I. Miller (screenplay), Philip MacDonald (screenplay) and Seton I. Miller (story), starring Lee J. Cobb as Lt. Ed Cullen, Jane Wyatt as Lois Frazer, John Dall as Andy Cullen, Lisa Howard as Janet Cullen, Harlan Warde as Howard Frazer, Tito Vuolo as Pietro Capa, Charles Arnt as Ernest Quimby, Marjorie Bennett as Muriel Quimby, Alan Wells as Nito Capa, Mimi Aguglia as Mrs. Capa, Bud Wolfe as Officer Blair, Morgan Farley as Rushton, Howard Negley as Detective Olson, William Gould as Doc Munson, Art Millan as United Airlines Clerk, Gordon Richards as Albert the Butler, Terry Frost as Detective, Mario Siletti as Machetti and Charles Victor as Attorney.


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