10 Scenes In Superhero Movies That Were Completely Improvised

Did you know these classic scenes in superhero movies were unscripted?
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A well-written script makes a well-made film. The precedence of the screenplay in a film production cannot be overstated, but movies like Iron Man, which were barely scripted, also exist. They didn't just successfully reach completion, but made big-time blockbusters. Improvisation is famous in comedies, but it has also seen extensive usage in films. It might just be due to the actors' second nature as artists who deeply connect with their characters, or it might sometimes be intentionally warranted. One way or the other, impromptu moments in movies have given us some seriously cool lines and memorabilia. It is such a sustained phenomenon that we can't help but catch onto new ad hoc scenes every once in a while. Taking that into consideration, this video outlines some very interesting scenes from superhero movies that cannot be traced back to the scripts as they are. Staple superhero movie franchises like the MCU and DCEU have not shied away from this trend, with recent examples from both having made headlines.
These include:
1. Tony Stark's "Liar!" scene from Avengers: Endgame
2. Nick Fury during the Skrull autopsy in Captain Marvel
3. A Guardian's of the Galaxy outtake
4. Joaquin Phoenix's memorable fridge crawl-in from Joker
5. Most of what Jeff Goldblum did in Thor: Ragnarok
6. The funny Boat Scene in Wonder Woman
7. Tony and Peter's fabled hug (Spiderman: Homecoming)
8. Heath Ledger's iconic clap in prison (The Dark Knight)
9. Iron Man's tragic death (Avengers: Endgame)
10. Thor's banishment (Thor)

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Written by: Roma Mandpe
Narrated by: Ariel
Edited by: James Hicks

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