Stephen Chow Movie - 整蛊专家 Tricky Brains 1991 周星驰 - CHI ENG SUB - 퐂퐨퐦퐞퐝퐲

The stars Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chiau comedy in this wild and woolly yarn, directed by Wong Jing. Jing Koo (Chiau) is the master of the cost of concessions practical joke and needs to ply his trade on unsuspecting victims. Customers place of Jing is the shady Macky Kam (Waise Lee Chi Hung) who wants Jing to fool his colleagues, even man-kit (Andy Lau Tak-wah), believes that the trickster is the guy's long lost brother into the. The objective of this joke Macky in is to break the relationship of man-kit with comely girlfriend, Lucy (Rosamund Kwan-lam Press), Hopefully he can her for himself. The trick has proven wildly successful; Lucy poured not only man-kit, but people and his father lost their jobs. Jing felt terrible about the whole thing and resolved to remedy the situation. Unluckily,
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