the legend of the titanic cartoons (AWFUL james cameron rip-offs) | Popcorn and Tea #1

i spent two months making the video and two minutes making the thumbnail

also the VHS quality was intentional don’t worry, me sounding completely defeated throughout the entire review was not, i think these films actually gave me a brain aneurysm

01:20 - Video starts
03:24 - Titanic: The Legend Goes On
20:32 - The Legend of the Titanic
43:08 - BONUS MOVIE (Tentacolino)
50:46 - Conclusion (interlaced with the conclusion to Tentacolino)

Welcome to Popcorn and Tea, the show where I pick apart films and then talk shit about them. Some films are old, some are new, some are famous and some aren’t – comment any requests down below

In Episode 1 (that I committed my entire summer around making) we’re heading back to the aftermath of the Titanic. As in the aftermath of the success of James Cameron’s Titanic which saw these terrible Italian rip-offs come into fruition. I had originally heard about Titanic: The Legend Goes On a couple of years ago through a worst animated films ever list (I think I told a lie when I said I found it recently) and had planned to make it as one single review since I even started thinking about doing YouTube. But after further digging I realized that there was another Italian animated movie about the Titanic that was meant to be even worse than that one, so I had to make it into a bumper video to kickstart this channel and this series.

(I have a movie lined up for Episode 2, and don’t worry, the video will be much shorter.)

NOTICE TO COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: This video is not monetized due to the size of my channel. All video footage used has originated from being readily available to me on YouTube.

huge thanks to Joe Collins for the constructive criticism at the halfway point, and also to my cat Rosie for the lil cameo

THE MOVIES (in case you’re brave enough to go through with watching them)
Titanic: The Legend Goes On (original release)
Titanic: The Legend Goes On (uncut version)
The Legend of the Titanic

TV Tropes (info about the uncut version of Legend Goes On, they also have some pretty funny nitpicks about the movie itself on there)

Animation Unplugged:

Saberspark’s Squirrel and Hedgehog review:

OTHER REVIEWS OF THE FILMS - The only one I had seen before making this was the JonTron one (that comment I stole was from the NC Legend Of review but i didn't watch the review until after i finished that segment), so if any jokes are similar to AniMat's or Doug Walker's then that wasn't intentional trust me :)
JonTron's review of Legend Goes On
AniMat's review of Legend Of
Doug Walker's reviews of all 3:
LEGEND GOES ON (reupload but better quality than the one on Channel Awesome)

I used and for significant chunks of research, but I also recommend the following:
Waking the Titanic
Encyclopedia Titanica
Simple History's short video


The footage and images used in this review were for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright Act of 1976, as well as the United Kingdom's The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
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