Charlie Chan | Dark Alibi (1946) [Crime] [Mystery]

"Dark Alibi" is a 1946 American film directed by Phil Karlson featuring Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan. In this movie Charlie Chan works with a public defender to clear a man wrongly convicted and scheduled for execution.


Directed by Phil Karlson, produced by James S. Burkett, written by Earl Derr Biggers (characters) and George Callahan (writer), starring Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan, Benson Fong as Tommy Chan, Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown, Teala Loring as June Harley, George Holmes as Hugh Kenzie, Ben Carter as Carter, Joyce Compton as Emily Evans, John Eldredge as Morgan, Russell Hicks as Warden Cameron, Tim Ryan as Foggy, Janet Shaw as Miss Petrie, Edward Earle as Thomas Harley, Ray Walker as Danvers, Milton Parsons as Johnson, Edna Holland as Mrs. Foss, Anthony Warde as Slade and George Eldredge as Brand.


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