Road to Bali ► Full length Comedy Movie 1952

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Two unemployed show-biz pals accept treasure-diving work in Bali for a local princess and they find treasure, love and trouble.

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Road to Bali stands out in the "Road to" series pf seven films as the only movie filmed in color. It's also the only one to take the spoof of Hollywood to the next level, featuring several cameos of famous stars of the time including Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and Jane Russell. In need of money, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby take jobs as deep sea divers for an island prince. They meet Dorothy Lamour, a half-Scottish princess whose father lost a now-cursed fortune at sea. Hope successfully dives for the treasure, but their adventure ends in shipwreck. In an unfamiliar island jungle, Hope and Crosby vie for the affections of Lamour's princess who ends up falling for both men. Soon they are discovered by the local natives who reveal that women can take multiple husbands. Naturally, the wedding does not go as planned. But all's well that ends well, with the three eventually finding a way off the island, treasure in hand, and an additional companion at their side. The sixth film in the series, Road to Bali delivers all the "Road to" movie elements-hilarious gags and pratfalls, over-the-top costumes and sets, crazy situations, and entertaining song and dance numbers. The trio of Hope, Crosby and Lamour demonstrate the perfection of their chemistry and their craft. And they do it in Technicolor, which makes this the perfect "Road to" to watch to take in the experience and truly understand what these films were and why they continue to be referenced today.

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