Eyes in the Night (1942) [Crime] [Mystery]

Captain Duncan "Mac" Maclain is a formidable private detective who happens to be blind; but his other senses are sharper than average. He copes with his sight deficiency by being accompanied by a dog named Friday and a human assistant named Marty.
Mac is asked by his friend Norma to break up a romantic relationship between her seventeen-year-old step-daughter Barbara and a fifty-year-old actor. Mac finds the lover has been murdered and detects his body has been removed from the scene of the crime. The murder leads him to an Axis spy ring.


Directed by Fred Zinnemann, produced by Jack Chertok, written by Baynard Kendrick (book The Odor of Violets), Guy Trosper (screenplay) and Howard Emmett Rogers (screenplay), starring Edward Arnold as Duncan "Mac" Maclain, Ann Harding as Norma Lawry, Donna Reed as Barbara Lawry, Stephen McNally as Gabriel Hoffman, Katherine Emery as Cheli Scott, Allen Jenkins as Marty, Stanley Ridges as Hansen, Lawry's butler, Reginald Denny as Stephen Lawry, John Emery as Paul Gerente, Rosemary DeCamp as Vera Hoffman, Lawry's maid, Erik Rolf as Boyd, Barry Nelson as Mr. Busch, Reginald Sheffield as Victor, Steven Geray as Mr. Anderson, Mantan Moreland as Alistair, Duncan's butler and Friday as Friday the dog.


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