The Big Bluff (1955) [Film Noir] [Drama]

The suave Don Juan Ricardo 'Rick' De Villa (John Bromfield) and his married lover Fritzi Darvel would like to take off together, but his lack of money prevents them from doing so. A chance encounter introduces Rick to the young, but terminally ill socialite Valerie Bancroft (Martha Vickers), in whom Rick sees the solution to his predicament. Rick sweeps her off her feet and they soon marry, although Valerie's entourage are suspicious of him. Rick then proceeds to try and bring about Valerie's demise so he can inherit her wealth and live the good life with Fritzi.


Directed and produced by W. Lee Wilder, written by Mindret Lord (story) and Fred Freiberger (screenplay), starring John Bromfield as Ricardo 'Rick' De Villa, Martha Vickers as Valerie Bancroft, Robert Hutton as Dr. Peter Kirk, Rosemarie Stack as Fritzi Darvel, Eve Miller as Marsha Jordan, Max Palmer as Detective Sgt. John Fullmer, Eddie Bee as Don Darvel, Robert Bice as Dr. Tom Harrison, Pierre Watkin as Jim Winthrop, Beal Wong as Art Dealer, Rusty Wescoatt as Husky Detective at Finale, Mitchell Kowall as Coroner, Jack, Daly as Master of Ceremonies, Paul McGuire as William (the butler), George Conrad as Bell Boy and Kay Garrett as Waiter.


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