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Watch Bengali full movie Parampar : পরম্পর বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Parampar was released in the year 2003, Directed by Pranab Kumar Das, starring Abaninath Bhattacharya, Antara Hazra, Baby Sarkar, Biswanath Basu.

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Movie: Parampar
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama
Producer: Sumita Das
Director: Pranab Kumar Das
Music Director: Pranab Kumar Das
Release: 2003
Star Cast: Abaninath Bhattacharya, Antara Hazra, Baby Sarkar, Biswanath Basu, Meghnad Bhattacharya, Rita Dutta Chakraborty, Somnath Choudhury, Sudipa Basu

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The film follows the poor life of grand mother 'Amalina' an ex model of art college who leads daughter-in-law 'Menoka' granddaughter 'Buli' and neighbour's daughter 'Rumi' to overpower her only son 'Sidhu' - the family headmen to engage 'Buli' in the job of nude study model at the same college. Unlike western countries this job is considered a shameful occupation though the trail is continuing since ancient times of Indian art.

The flashback indicates widow Amalia's early life as refugee after husband's suicide, her growing relation with him and Sidhu's consequent repulsion, hatred those peeped in Sidhu's childhood against mother and family Amalia's retreat and recoiling to motherhood. Amalina, Menoka represent the mainstream of judgement - the instinct of survival which tune the emerging values of Buli up to time amidst prejudice, male chauvinism, pseudo - leadership attitude etc as symbolised by Sidhu. Little Rumi Knocks time - be it boring or charming - through her continuous game.

The climax comes when Buli is gradually undressed and placed in nude on rostrum at classroom by her own grandmother and sidhu lost his command over the family. Next morning Buli goes to her new job with confidence.


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