Coheed And Cambria | Live In Sydney | Full Concert

Coheed And Cambria, live at Metro Theatre in Sydney, AU. Recorded April 20, 2013.

Hot-wiring hard rock with high concepts, New York prog powerhouse Coheed And Cambria have carved out a sound that’s as epic as it is ambitious. Over the course of seven mighty albums, this four-man crew have blasted off on their own course, fueled on razor-sharp riffs, thunderous rock theatre and sci-fi mythology (that’s evolved into a comic series and an upcoming film, partnering with Mark Wahlberg). Hot on the heels of their latest album ‘The Afterman: Descension’, their show at Sydney’s Metro Theatre saw the band hit the stage with all guns blazing. Lock on now.

01:14 - No World For Tomorrow
06:42 - A Favor House Atlantic
09:58 - Goodnight, Fair Lady
13:51 - (impro. Delirium Trigger)
16:04 - The Crowing
24:15 - Vic the Butcher
29:58 - Evagria the Faithful
37:43 - The Afterman
41:10 - Here We Are Juggernaut
45:37 - Dark Side of Me
50:08 - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3
1:02:41 - Domino the Destitute
1:11:08 - Welcome Home
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