Dragon fly nymph fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

Realistic dragon fly nymph tying instruction
The dragonfly nymph ( Odonata , Anisoptera) are very common in areas of standing water with aquatic vegetation and have an important role in the diet of trout in those places. They are very common , but not usually found in boxes of fishermen , often ignored or minimized. Insects are a good size , usually measured 2-4 cm . Because of its significant size , in my experience this nymph imitations require a higher level of realism that imitations of small organisms.

hook: TMC 5262 o TMC 5263

Thread: UTC 70 olive, black ( i used white for better details in the film)

Under Body: Monofilament same gross to the wire of the hook

back: Nylon film

Rib: clear monofilament o,20 o 0,23 mm

abdomen, thorax and head: mixed natural dubbing whit sintetic dubbing...HareTron is my favorit . Olive and brown dark tones are the best.

Legs: goose wing feather fibers, bleached and dyed. Opposing to the classical biots.

painting mottled whit RM realistic laquer

Eyes: monofilament 0.80 o 0.90 mm, burned

wing case and head top: nylon film.

NOTE: all nylon fil is painting with vitreaux laquer translucent olive or the color of your choice.
more info en http://www.rubenmartin.com.ar

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