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On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Tuesday, December 19th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, Perri Nemiroff, Ashley Mova discuss the following:

1) J.J. Abrams Just Pitched His Star Wars: Episode IX to Disney

2) Third ‘GI Joe’ Gets Official 2020 Release Date; Paramount also dates Micronauts and Dungeons & Dragons

3) Opening This Week – Pitch Perfect 3

4) Director Matthew Vaughn Confirms Talks with DC

“I do love the world of DC, and I’ve been talking to them at the moment about a few things. It’s more fun getting involved with franchises when they’re on the down, because then it’s easier to make a good film. So if I got involved with a few of the superhero films out there that have been disappointing, it’s going to be… if I do OK, it’ll probably be better.”

5) First ‘Ocean’s 8′ Trailer

6) Mail Bag

7) Live Twitter Questions

Just as Star Wars The Last Jedi was gearing up to debut in theatres, work on Episode 9 started its journey into pre-production. Via a report from Making Star Wars, during the press conference for the recent Disney/Fox merger, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that JJ Abrams would be pitching his Star Wars to the studio on December 15th, the day The Last Jedi hit theatres. Fantha Tracks also revealed that Abrams’ film would be made with the working title “Black Diamond.” The working title for Force Awakens was “AVCO” and “Space Bear” for Last Jedi. Star Wars Episode 9 is scheduled to hit theatres on December 20th, 2019.

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures officially announced plans for a third GI Joe movie and dated it to be released on March 27, 2020. Titled simply GI Joe, the plan for the movie is unknown at this time, as is casting and who will be taking on directing duties. Paramount also dated a feature adaptation of the late ’70s Mego/Takara toyline Micronauts for Oct. 16, 2020, with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot behind the production.



In a recent podcast from IGN UK, director Matthew Vaughn confirmed he’s had talks with DC and is interested in helping out the studio after the not-so-stellar performance of Justice League cast more speculation as to what is happening behind closed doors over at DC.

Warner Bros. has released the first Ocean’s 8 trailer for the upcoming spinoff from Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy. Hunger Games filmmaker Gary Ross directs the new film, which stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean. When this film begins she’s fresh out of prison and assembles a team of her own to pull off a unique heist at the Met Gala. Ocean’s 8 opens in theaters on June 8, 2018.



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