The Eye Creatures [1965] - Public Domain Sci-fi/Horror/Comedy

Teenagers battle aliens that look nothing like the poster in the middle of the day-for-night!

Tragically also known as "Attack of the The Eye Creatures" (seriously), and a so-called wretched remake of the 1957 "Invasion of the Saucer Men", this classic of MST3K fame follows two teenagers/newly weds Stan Kenyon (John Ashley) and Susan Rogers (Cynthia Hull) as they attempt to clear their names of manslaughter... but it's actually a lot less dramatic than that, even though the aliens did it! The aliens don't really do that much, truth be told.
We also get some comedy featuring the military which I think is attempting to mock them, but is otherwise completely unrelated except to establish that their are aliens about.
While commonly regarded as a bad movie, by both it's directors Larry Buchanan and John Ashley, the leads are likeable enough that it's worth a watch for B-movie fans.
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