"The Story of The R.M.S Titanic" - Virtual Sailor 7 - Complete (HD)

**Please Watch This One Instead Of The Seperated Non HD Copies**
**This is the complete film and it is in HD (720p)**
A movie i've been working on for a while, this movie is made using Virtual Sailor and Fraps. It has quite obviously been inspired by James Cameron's 1997 film "Titanic" and features a huge amount of music from the OST by James Horner.

This movie features Hudizzle's Titanic and Lusitania as well as "Titanic Wreck" by Panelman, S.S Pico by Rob Cassteele Koedijk and Real Sailor 2.0 by Marvin König.

Music Featured (In Order):

"Hymn to the Sea" - James Horner
"Leaving Port" - James Horner
"Wedding Dance" - http://www.wix.com/rms_titanic/titanic
"Alexander's Ragtime Band" - http://www.wix.com/rms_titanic/titanic
"Poet and Pesant Overture" - http://www.wix.com/rms_titanic/titanic
"Take Her to Sea Mr. Murdoch" - James Horner
"Rose" - James Horner
"Hard to Starboard" - James Horner
"The Sinking" - James Horner
"Hymn to the Sea" - James Horner

Dedicated to the memory of those lost on 15th April 1912

Edit 1: Link To Hudizzle's Titanic

Edit 2: How to Install This Ship In Virtual Sailor 7 (VS7)
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