"The Dead Sleep Lightly" • SUSAN HAYWARD & LEE BOWMAN • SUSPENSE Best Episodes

A couple of uploads ago we heard a story from 1962. Now we roll back 19 years to 1943, in an early episode of Suspense. Sound quality is good.
Not great, but good. I'm always honest about such things. If you want a blatant disregard for your listening, you'll have to go to another channel!

• Broadcast on: March 30, 1943 • Episode № 35 •

✓√✓×√×✓√×√✓+√×✓+√ STUFF-N-SUCH: Like many of the early Suspense episodes, this was written by John Dickson Carr. Former Michigan Football head coach Lloyd Carr has the same last name as John Dickson Carr. Michigan is the winningest college football program in all of history. The last names matching are pure coincidence. I'm just providing you with more useless information. Besides, football season is right around the corner!

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