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Shogun's Ninja (original title: Ninja bugeicho Momochi Sandayu ) is a Japanese actiondrama- and adventure film from 1980 with Sonny Chiba in the lead role. Directed by Norifumi Suzuki .

During internal conflicts in 1500s Japan, a local chief and his entire family killed by a power-hungry warlord when murderers preying on two daggers to tell how a gold treasure is. Only one of his sons survives (Chiba), and he flees to China where he learns to fight. 20 years later he seeks revenge by organizing a rebellion against the government.

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Movie Name: Shogun's Ninja 1980
Cast: Henry Sanada, Sue Shiomi, Yuki Ninagawa, Shohei Hino,
Director: Noribumi Suzuki
Produced : Shigeru Okada
Music by: Masakatsu Suzuki
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