Happy Halloween Animation | Seelmaru Birthday Meme!

oh hecc i almost didn't get this done in time :'D
i decided to do a combo birthday/halloween meme this year!!
today is my bday, Oct 16, so to celebrate i wanted to make this animation for you guys ♡

ALSO, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 200k?!?! what good timing?? this is the best birthday present ever. ;w; ahhh thank you guys!!!

There are also a few special CHAMeos in this video, featuring Chimereons that belong to a few cool dudes ^u^
0:02 - Cwtch, belongs to Spyromancy
0:04 - Carjine, belongs to sirfluff
0:06 - Archie, belongs to HoshPosh
0:09 - Cherry, belongs to Bambi

all the other characters belong to me!
Clair, Grimbelle, Pom, Coral, Joji, Gumbo, Mozzarella, and Jubilee!


Original meme by Jouga! https://youtu.be/r4y90BwuTmA

my friend HoshPosh did the storyboard sketches for the intro, so a big thanks to her! please check out her empty channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXxF3WMkDVYJhvpBmBR2ZSg

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★Music by Kagamine Rin - Happy Halloween
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