Bank Alarm (1937) [Crime] [Drama] [Romance]

"Bank Alarm" is a 1937 American film directed by Louis J. Gasnier. The movie is about an FBI agent who is investigating the recent bank robberies and finds out much later that his sister is the girlfriend of the gang's leader.


Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, produced by George A. Hirliman and Charles J. Hunt, written by Cynthia Meade, Lawrence Meade, Griffin Jay and David S. Levy, starring Conrad Nagel as Alan O'Connor, Eleanor Hunt as Bobbie Reynolds, Vince Barnett as Clarence 'Bulb' Callahan, Wheeler Oakman as Joe Karlotti, Nat Carr as Yoritz, Frank Milan as Jerry Turner, Marlo Dwyer as Kay O'Connor, William L. Thorne as Police Inspector J. C. Macy, Charles Delaney as Henchman Duke, Phil Dunham as Leon Curtis, Bank Clerk, Sidney D'Albrook as Coroner, Pat Gleason as Henchman Barney, Wilson Benge as Overman (Bank Bookkeeper), Henry Roquemore as Nevada Sheriff and Ed Schaefer as Tracy.


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