Albela Full Movie | 1951 | Bhagwan Dada | Geeta Bali | Superhit Classic comedy Movie

Superhit Old Classic Hindi Movie Albela (1951)
Starring: Geeta Bali, Bhagwan Dada, Badri Prasad, Sunder, Pratima Devi.
Producer: Bhagwan Dada, Director: Bhagwan Dada

Synopsis: Day-dreamer and Artist, Pyarelal, lives a poor lifestyle
with his retired dad; housewife mom; married brother, Mohan and his wife, Malti; and unmarried sister, Vimla. It is now time for Vimla to get married, her dad has saved a thousand Rupees, while Mohan has made arrangements for six hundred more, and Pyarelal is asked to arrange for four hundred. Instead, Pyarelal brings home one hundred rupees, informing his family that he has been fired from his job, and will be unable to raise any more money. An argument ensues, and Pyarelal is asked to leave. He leaves, swearing only to return when he is a famous and wealthy man. He meets with pretty actress, Asha, both fall in love with each other, and he starts acting in the theater and achieves quick success. He starts sending money and gifts home to his parents and hopes that they will be pleased with his success. Then one day when he feels that he has achieved his success, he returns home - only to find out that the money and gifts he has been sending home are missing; his mom has passed away; his dad and sister are missing, believed to be begging in the streets; his sister's marriage has been canceled; his brother cannot support himself, and his sister-in-law has a dark deep secret that she cannot tell anyone.

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