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Starring : Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Ashok Kumar, Nimmi, Tabassum, Tun Tun
Director : Nitin Bose
Producer : Rajendra Jain
Writer : Azm Bazidpuri

Synopsis :
The story features a young boy, Shamu (Dilip Kumar) who works with his widowed mother at the orchards of Daulatram Rai. He forms a special bond with Daulatram's daughter Mala and spends most of his time with her. However, some unfortunate circumstances make an enraged Daulatram fire Shamu & his mother, who later relocate to another town along with their family. Shamu is depressed to get separated from Mala, and escapes home only to get entangled in a turbulent sandstorm, thus losing his eye sight. Years later, Shamu continues to live with his sister, Champa & make a living by singing on the streets. His life takes a positive turn when a generous Dr. Kishore offers to restores his eyesight for free. Overjoyed, he sets out to look for his childhood love Mala? Will the two be able to reunite?

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