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Tulsa - In Tulsa, after a rancher dies during a feud with a major oil company, his daughter, driven by revenge, starts digging for oil herself.

Tulsa (1949)
Director: Stuart Heisler
Writers: Frank S. Nugent (screenplay) (as Frank Nugent), Curtis Kenyon (screenplay)
Stars: Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, Pedro Armendáriz
Genres: Action | Drama | Romance | Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 14 July 1950 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Erde in Flammen
Filming Locations: Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA

It's Tulsa, Oklahoma at the start of the oil boom and Cherokee Lansing's rancher father is killed in a fight with the Tanner Oil Company. Cherokee plans revenge by bringing in her own wells with the help of oil expert Brad Brady and childhood friend Jim Redbird. When the oil and the money start gushing in, both Brad and Jim want to protect the land but Cherokee has different ideas. What started out as revenge for her father's death has turned into an obsession for wealth and power.

"I recently bought a huge (300 films) collection of old movies on DVD. Plowing through them, I was struck by how bad most of those period movies were. I saw many of them when they were first released, but I don't remember that they were mostly junk.

But every so often, one comes along which is really quite good, indeed, even excellent. "Tulsa" is one of those. I was really pleasantly surprised. Moreover, I had completely forgotten how outstanding Susan Hayward was. To see her again was a real pleasure. She not only acts superbly, but she is some knockout in the looks department. Really outstanding. The rest of the acting was also of very high caliber This movie is certainly worth seeing." Written petemetzger on IMDb.com.

"The chemistry of the triangle is really good here, with Gough a worthy rival for Preston of fickle Hayward's affections with moral and character at the root of the question. Ed Begley is excellent in an early role. And, Pedro Armendariz steals the film as an American Indian who feels forced into action when promised conservation guidelines are reckless thrown aside for the profitability of the oil drillers. Very much worth watching" Written by the_old_roman on IMDb.com.

"I had put off watching Tulsa for almost 2 years before i actually watched it,i never seen a Susan Hayward film before,and i was impressed by her acting,and thought she was very attractive.the story is simple enough,Susan Hayward plays Cherokee who is part Indian,her father is killed from an oil well disaster.the oil well is near their cattle ranch,and the oil has killed off their cattle.well anyway Cherokee vows revenge on the death of her father and goes after the oil tycoon wanting him to pay for the cattle that were killed.she later turns into an oil tycoon herself with the help of a geologist played by Robert Preston(last star-fighter,victor Victoria)then she starts to turn greedy.Tulsa is a well made movie and i notice its also a public domain movie,i bought mine for a dollar,it has a second feature called perils of Pauline,never seen it yet but perhaps i'll save it for a rainy day.Tulsa is filmed in color,it was released in 1949.Tulsa gets 8 out o0f 10.good movie.i recommend." Written by johnc2141 on IMDb.com.

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Tulsa
Argentina: Tulsa
Australia: Tulsa
Austria: Tulsa
Brazil (reissue title): Ouro Negro
Brazil: Tulsa
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title): Тулса
Canada (English title): Tulsa
Denmark: Olie - flydende guld
Finland: Tulsa - seikkailujen kaupunki
France: Tulsa
Greece (DVD title): Mia adesmefti gynaika
Greece: Tulsa
Japan (Japanese title): タルサ
Norway: Svart Gull
Portugal: Tulsa - Ouro Negro
Romania: Tulsa
Soviet Union (Russian title): Талса
Spain: Tulsa, ciudad de lucha
Sweden: Tulsa - den brinnande staden
West Germany: Tulsa
West Germany: Erde in Flammen


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