Comedy Drama! Mr Celebrity Doris Day 1940s Classic Movie Film Full Length Old Black1 Old Movie

Comedy Drama! Mr Celebrity Doris Day 1940s Classic Movie Film Full Length Old Black1 Old Movie
Classic Comedy
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    Our Product
    Human hair, lace front wig, hair extension,remy hair,virgin hair,synthetic wig ,etc.
    Product Application
    Initially, the wig was provided to a person who was born with thin hair or had poor hair quality as a is also used in appearance, gender, age, personality changes and changes. It's more convenient to pick and choose, length and length, color, and combing. It's not new for a person to have multiple wigs.
    Production Equipment
    Drawing machine, three-needle machine, hair dryer, wig cleaner, dryer, wig oven
    Production Market
    The products are mainly sold to the Middle East, and the style and quality of products have been recognized by our customers. Has been with the world's top wig manufacturers have a good technical exchanges and cooperation in the wig market has a pivotal position.
    Our Service
    Pre-sales mainly use Google, Alibaba and other overseas platforms to release product information to attract customers.
    Sales: Through the company's main members to various countries to participate in the exhibition, on-site or through e-mail to communicate with customers around.
    After-sale: According to the customer's request, provide corresponding wig use and maintenance methodsCurly Mixed Race Hair Extensions factory

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    Potassium Fulvate is Potassium salt of Fulvic Acid in fine brown powder, has good water solubility, it is main use in agriculture as bio-stimulation and fertilizer synergist. It is suitable to do high concentration foliage fertilizer.
    Appearance: Coffee brown powder
    Assay (Fulvic Acid): 95% Min.
    PH: 4~7
    Water solubility: 100% (test by method of water soluble fertilizers)
    Insolubles: 3% Max. (by super centrifugation)
    Moisture: 12% Max.
    It has a good physiological activity and stimulate the long effect. This product is resistant to acid and alkali resistance to bivalent ions, in any water quality and liquid fertilizer does not precipitate, chemical stability. These benefits could improve corps quality, enhance the vitality of enzymes, promote root health seedlings, increase chelate capacity, is conducive to the accumulation of dry matter and many other functional functions.
    When spraying on plants, this product can inhibit expansion of stomata on plant leaves so as to decrease transpiration of water in plants. Spraying two to three times during growth period of crops, this product can enhance drought resistance and resistance on dry and hot wind. Generally, the effect may last about 15 days one time spray.
    Spray of this product can increase activity of various enzymes and content of chlorophyll. This product has functions of protecting permeability of plant cell membrane, increase resistance on low temperature and plant pathogens or insects. It can also regulate and stimulate crops to grow, increase their quality, and make crops increase yield 10-15%.
    Fulvic Acid can be used for foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer and a variety of chemical pesticides additives, has obvious synergism; can also be used for livestock, poultry, fish feed additives, a main agent or synergist of veterinary drugs to control disease on a variety of livestock and poultry and aquaculture
    >Recommended Applications
    1) Drought Resistance Agent or Foliar Fertilizer: 10-30g powder or 200g liquid per time per acre, add 15-45 kg water to dilute 1500 and then spray, and spray 2-3 times during the whole growth stage or before drought;
    2) Additives: 100-300 mg/L in used fertilizers or pesticides;
    3) Soaking Seed or Dressing Agent: Soak seed 5-10 minutes in 1-2% FA liquid or dress seed;Bio Fulvic Acid for sale

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    Our Factory
    Wuxi Box Packing Material Co., Ltd covers an area of 20,000 m2 and have 200 staffs. Professional team, efficient work can be provided to you.
    Our Product
    PP material products can be made, such as PP hollow sheet, plastic turnover box, UV protect guard, etc.
    Product application
    It can be used for industry, agriculture, shipping, advertisement, protecting floor, decorating and so on.

    Our certificate
    We also have dangerous goods packaging qualification and four proprietary technologies, which can ensure the quality of products. Also, we own the ISO certificate.
    Production equipment
    In order to make the delivery time shortly, advanced equipment is used all the time.
    Product market
    Our customers are around the world and we also provide the best service for every customer.
    Our service
    According to the needs of the customer, we will provide customers with the best overall design scheme before selling.
    After confirmed, we will strictly product the goods and tell the update in time to ensure there is no any mistake.China Pp Sheet manufacturers

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    About Us
    Founded in 1988, Smartet Technology Development is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture and export of sterilization cleanroom wipes, pre-saturate cleanroom wipes, wetted cleanroom wipes, cleanroom wipes, ESD anti-static cleanroom wipes, sticky mat, sticky roll, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom paper, cleanroom notebooks, anti-static cleanroom garments, antistatic packaging bags, medical sterilization products, medical gauzes, sterilized medical masks and many more. These products are widely applied in the IT, electronic, biotechnology, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, optical, hospital, precise instruments, aerospace, automobile, petroleum recovery and other related industries.
    ◆ Facilities and Workforce
    Our 3000-square-meter factory, with a class 100 cleanroom, covering an area of 100 square meters ,class1000 cleanroom 100 square mater and class 10000 cleanroom 250 square meter. is outfitted with advanced production lines and 18M EDI water and testing equipments imported from Japan manned by 80 skilled workers including three well-experienced engineers, two foreign trade representatives and six professional QC auditors. With such resources, we are capable of producing 150, 0000 bags of cleanroom wipes and medical sterilized products annually. In addition, our R&D team develops 10 new products yearly to keep your options fresh.
    ◆ Prominent Companies Source from Us
    Our commitment to providing world-class products has helped us establish long-term business partnerships with many prominent companies such as Sony, Foxconn, Wistron, Samsung, and Epson. For your assurance, we are authorized by German TUV, and one of the High Quality Manufacturers in China, our operations run according to ISO 9001:2008,ISO14001:2004 and ISO 13485:2003 guidelines and our products are compliant with SGS, RoHS and CE standards.
    ◆ Contact Us
    Our products are widely exported to USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East .the US under our brands PERFWIPE and SMART We welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate business and establish long-term friendly cooperation relationships with us in the near future. Contact us today to get your orders started.
    Cleanroom wipes, Sticky Mat & Sticky Roller, Cleanroom Swabs, Cleanroom Sterilized Wipes, Cleanroom Paper, ESD Antistatic Wipes
    ◆ Product Application
    Cleanroom Contamination Control & ESD Control Solutions
    ◆ Our Certificate
    ◆ Production Equipment
    Cleanroom Class10-100 / 100-1000 / 1000-10000 /18M EDI Water System Ultrasonic cut Laser cut
    ◆ Production Market
    North America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South AsiaPrecision Nylon Swabs

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    Quick Detail
    Item:Screw cap chafing liquid fuel
    Item NoBurning timeFuel weightCan size
    Packing can depend on customer's special requirement
    Usage(safety and environmental): It is easy to remove and easy to light.Could be the heating fuel, warm food, chafing dish fuel, outside picnic fuel, we suggest you to place the cap aside for later re-capping and storage,you can raise the flame closer to the object you are heating, then get more heating more heating power.
    Warm prompt
    1.Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames - no smoking.
    2.Store in a locked, well - ventilated place. keep container tightly closed.
    3.Use in a well-ventilated area.
    Contact us
    Tel/Fax: + 86 315 5149290
    E-mail:bidongxi1@yahoo.comChafing Fuel China

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    Orthopedic Multifunctional Electric Drill System
    Description of the Products
    Sichuan Heshun Invasive Technology, supplying Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries, is dedicated to offering all kinds of surgical bones saws and surgical bone drills; different kinds of Trauma implant, such as Plates for Clavicle, Plates for Proximal Humerus, Plates for Humerus Shaft, Plates for Distal Humerus and so on; different various of surgical instrument kits related to different surgical implant; total joint hip and knee and spinal system products, and plays an very important part in various markets. We are sincerely looking forward to have long-term cooperation with you.

    Product Details
    Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    Product Introduction of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries, is generally used for Orthopedic surgeries, and plays an very important part in various markets. We have been dedicated to offering different kinds of Orthopedic trauma implant products to all over the world many years, and we are sincerely looking forward to having long-term cooperation with you.
    Product Parameter of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    Name: Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    Indications: Orthopedic surgeries
    Technical Data
    Hand pieceworking voltage14.4 V
    Output power≥20 W
    unit rise in temp≤25°C
    ChargerInput voltageAC 220V,50HZ/ 110V,60HZ
    Output power14.4v 900ma
    Input power30 W
    Batteryvoltage14.4 V
    charging time3 hours

    Standard Configuration
    Individual product data
    productspeednoisediameter run-outtorque
    Normal bone drill0-1300 r/m≤65db≤0.5mm≥1.6NM
    Cannulated bone drill0-600 r/m≤65db≤0.5mm≥3.5NM
    Oscillating saw0-18000 osc/m≤75db
    AcetabulumSlow drill0-300 r/m≤65db≤0.5mm≥6.5NM
    Sternum saw0-15000 ocs/m≤75db
    Craniotomy drill0-900 r/m ≤40db
    Craniotomy mill 0-40000 r/m≤40db
    Grinding drill0-40000 r/m≤65db

    Notes: Clients can choose parts according your own needs.

    Product feature and Application of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill, saw, reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    1. Main frame is made of stainless steel, durable, long working hours, the accessories can be selected freely for different operation.
    2. Quick chuck: Imported chuck ensures outstanding performance during operation.
    3. Highest quality
    4. Perfect ergonomic design
    5. Mainly used in hand and bone or small bone surgery.

    Product details of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    1. 12 months guarantee for the hand piece (main engine);
    2. 3 months guarantee for the accessories (battery, saw blades,cutter blades,drill bits, briquettes, etc);
    3. The battery can not be sterilized .
    4. Sterilized temperaturer less than 135 degree centigrade, if more than 135 degree centigrade , the motor will be damaged.
    5. The battery need to get out of the handpiece of machine , other wise small automatic discharge will make the battery life short.
    6. The battery space should be dry after sterilization
    7. The saw blades , drill bits should be washed by purger and keep it dry after operation

    Product Advantages of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries
    1.The whole set can be autoclavable and we also has its sterilization box
    2. The mini multifunctional drill and saw is mainly used in small hand , feet and veterinary surgery, very safe in the operation.
    3. Four attachments you can choose any of them.
    4. Low noise , stable power and improve the efficient in the surgery(9)Wide clinical application for millions case in Asia and American countries.
    Product Qualification of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries

    Delivery, shipping and serving of Wholesale orthopedic cordless electric battery operated drill , saw , reamer set for orthopedic surgeries

    Packaging Details: PE Inner bag + Dialyzing Paper + Carton for 2mm plate for radius
    Delivery Time: within 7 days after payment
    Q: Who we are ?
    A: We are a professionally-managed profitable company focus on distributing and exporting a complete rage of medical equipment & consumables.
    Q: What we do ?
    A: We build a one-step purchase centre of a wide range of high quality medical equipment & consumables, which are also supplied to China Top 10 Hospitals.
    Q: Why do our products cost more than other competing Chinese Companies ?
    A: Because our quality is the best of China. We only get cooperated with the biggest and well equipped powerful factories in China, rather than the cheapest sources resulting in zero quality control. All the products are also provided for China Top 10 Hospitals by our sub-dealers.

    Q: How can I be sure that SHM is the best source ?
    A: Seeing is believing. We invite you to our stores, cooperated facilities and check for yourself. We shall be glad to take you to the other companies for comparison. This will clear all your questions and doubts.
    Q: What is your quality policy ?
    A: Not only our products conform to ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 & CE standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. We boast of the most modern factories which have the state of the art manufacturing facilities. Also, rigorous quality assurance resources ensure stricter quality control.
    Q: What is the company's philosophy ?
    A: The company believes in long term relationship and mutual growth as objective. At SHM, quality is a culture and service a tradition.
    Q: Where are you located ?
    A: SHM is located in Chengdu, China. Welcome to visit.
    Key Client Manager: Ivy Zhao Tel: +86 17380551755
    Q: Do you ship to my country ?
    A: The company is currently exporting to more than 80 countries. The countries where we supply are marked in the following map: Worldwide Distributors Network of Sichuan Heshun Invasive Technology
    wholesale Orthopedic Drill

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    ◆Our History
    Our company was found in 1983
    ◆Our Factory
    started as a professional manufacturer of auto sensors and switches. After several years of development in auto parts range and in order to meet our customer’s wild range requirement at the same time, we founded a trading company and became a wholesale distributor of Renault, Fiat, Ford, VW,ect parts. From 2013, we started to engage in distributing Renault LOGAN ,DUSTER and SANDRO parts.
    ◆Our Product
    We are focus on the manufacturing and sales of Renault parts
    ◆Product Application
    passenger car, truck
    ◆Our Certificate
    ◆Production Equipment
    OA system, ERP system, PLM system
    ◆Production Market
    Russia, Turkey, South America market
    ◆Our service
    we manage a national market coverage, a door to door distribution and delivery in time. A strong, efficient and modern distribution network-strategically located regional warehouse, consistent sales team, information and communication technology, commercial vehicles, was based in order to meet our customer requirements for availability and fast delivery. Welcome for you to inquiry us about RENAULT LOGAN,DUSTER and SANDRO PARTS.High Quality Logan Ignition Coil 8200702693

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    Pharmaceutical factory of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences founded in December 1988, under the Shaanxi branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, It is the only pharmaceutical factory in the country directly under the National Academy of Sciences. It is located in the national high-tech industry demonstration area - Yangling (enjoy the "Chinese gene cradle" reputation , The world's first adult somatic cell cloned goat "Yuan Yuan" and "Yang Yang" is born here). The whole plant has 1200 employees, including 400 senior research technicians, 16 doctors, 26 licensed pharmacists and 20 technical supervision and management personnel.
    Main products are as follows,feminine hygiene,feminine wash, cream ,Lotion, spray, vagina tightening gel, vagina wash etc.oral hygiene, mouth wash, spray, oral spray diseases cream, lotion, spray, wash, liquid, body spray, foot spray, psoriasis cream, acne treatment, skin care products.pain relief patch, hemorrhoids cream, antibacterial liquid etc.
    After more than 10 years of efforts, in order to adapt to the development of enterprises, by the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Sciences, Western Plant Chemical National Engineering Research Center, Shaanxi Institute of Microbiology, Northwest Institute of Chemical Plant shares, reorganized as joint-stock enterprises. December 2003 through the national GMP certification, built in line with the GMP requirements of modern pharmaceutical companies.
    Pharmaceutical factory of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences to "scientific medicine for the benefit of mankind" for the purpose, adhere to the "scientific, rigorous, realistic and innovative" scientific concept. people-oriented, integrity first, quality first, service first. And strive to improve the management system, optimize production conditions, create first-class products, to carry forward the traditional culture of the motherland and actively explore traditional Chinese medicine, tomorrow's Pharmaceutical factory of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences will be more beautiful.

    wholesale Feminine Hygiene Products

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    ◆Our History
    ENERGYCO LTD. (group) is an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14000:2015 private enterprise with a long-term service strategy. The company has the crossing-nations business, manufacturing partnership and customized contracts for petroleum & gas industry all over the world. It is authorized officially as a professional supplier, importer/exporter at Nanjing, China.
    ◆Our Factory
    Our manufacture partners own the most advance facilities and production technology on the field of oil & gas industry. We can not only supply products for API, ASTM & ASEM standard but also customized fabrication according to customer’s requirements. Your field visit and the 3rd party inspection are welcome.
    ◆Our Product
    The heating exchanger, fin fan air cooler, all kind of valves, explosion proof motors and generator sets, all kinds of CS and HSS pipes and pipe fittings, Oil and Gas Solid control equipments, cables and binding machines are regular products of ours.
    ◆Product Application
    Oil and gas fields related industries.
    ◆Our Certificate
    ISO9001 & ISO 14001
    ◆Production Equipment
    Forging equipment, heat-treating facility, metal structures and equipment, cold working equipment and physical and chemical analysis and testing equipment etc.
    ◆Production Market
    Our sales range covers Europe, Middle East, Africa, The United States, South America, South East of Asia etc. Our customers were all satisfied with our products and service.
    ◆Our service
    Welcome to inquiry about our products, we will give you professional pre-sale introduction and considerate after-sales service.Electrical Resistance Welded Steel Pipes manufacturers

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    ■ Our History
    ENERGYCO LTD. has committed to develop and supply of advanced fine chemicals, professional technology and reliability to meet customer's criteria. Whatever hazardous chemicals or ordinary chemicals, we are all careful to operate from production to delivery step by step.
    ■ Our Factory
    Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd
    ■ Our Product
    Our advantage products cover Organic silane agents, Bromide compounds, specialties and synthetic intermediates etc.
    ■ Product Application
    Pharmaceutical, coating, painting surface additives, food additives, pesticide, architecture.
    ■ Our Certificate
    ISO9001 & ISO 14001
    ■ Production Equipment
    Reaction kettle, centrifuge, fluid transportation machinery etc.
    ■ Production Market
    2 million US dollars sold last year.
    ■ Our Service
    Free samples with air cargo freightMethyl 2-bromopropionate factory