Ground Zero: Texas - The Movie

I made a somewhat cinematic experience for ground zero: texas. :)

Ok. So a kinda drawn out explanation of the video: All FMV extracted directly off the disc at AVI video. The original video was at 190 something x 156. So the footage is VERY tiny. That’s like thumbnail size. The video ended up being square pixels, with an AR of roughly 4x3, the video footage in game is 16x9, and it appears the footage when broadcast to the tv, is stretched to represent the proper ration (kind of how a anamorphic dvd is presented) and I noticed the the video and audio was not in sync. So I was recommended to use VirtualDub to change the frame rate from 11 fps t 12 fps, and that fixed that, then I put all the video assets through adobe media encoder to set a 16x9 AR at 144p, and cropped off the metadata that was at the bottom of the footage that ran for all the footage (sega cd crops that off itself for the game. Its hidden by the HUD.)

After I had all my assets in the proper AR with the useless crap cut off, I arranged it via disc 1 and disc 2, and just dumped all the footage into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, after that I set up bins. So I have 1 bin for disc 1, 1 bin for disc 2, and then on disc one I have 1 bin for level 1, 1 bin for level 2, and on disc 2 I have a bin for level 3 and level 4, and a bin for the finale. Then in level 1 I have a bin each for the cantina, main street, the opening, plaza, and hotel window. A bin under level two for the hive, and then I just left the level 3 and 4 bins as is. Then under each area bin in level 1 I set up a bin for the story footage, the event (abduction) footage, and the shootout footage. After all these bins were made, I could then start to actually cut footage. I did make a map sequence with photoshop, so that I could signal which area we are going to. So that was cool.

So after I cut all the footage for each area, I wanted to include the camera fixes as well, so I had to come up with a way to kill each camera, to do that (continuity) so then I broke each timeline in 2. And to utilize as much of footage as possible, I had all 4 agents be abducted. so level 2 has more footage than you would see in a successful game, but I wanted to use as much footage as possible. So basically I just kept cutting and arranging.

Once it was all cut, the shootout audio is missing, as the footage is a direct extraction from the disc. So either I could add the BG audio, (which really is just a half second beat that is loaded to the sega cd ram, then looped for the duration of the scene) or I could include different audio. I chose the latter. So for level 1 I have audio from Lethal Enforcers. Level 2 I used audio from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Level 3 I used a song by Tanimura Midnight, and Level 4 I used audio from the ALIENS soundtrack, which worked great for the finale (I’ve always loved how the song just WORKS for an epic battle sequence, remember ripley leaving the bunker and it blowing up around her? Yeah buddy!)

After that It was all done. I reviewed it but I was not happy with the opening and end credits. See, the original footage is 144p, but I am up-converting and posting this to YouTube at 480p, So basically it will be a 4x conversion. (I am using Red Giant Instant HD to handle the conversion process) anyway, the text looks pretty horrendous after being blown up that much, so I made screen caps of the end credits and retyped them all from scratch in photoshop at native 480 resolution, to ensure they look sharp and clean. I tried doing that with the opening credits by just typing over the original, but it just didn’t look right, so I had to forego that idea. Even at converted up 4 times, the pixilation of the original footage looks like it helped the upconversion, because the new footage looks just as the same as the original small footage. Lol. Thanks sega cd technology!

So sit back, relax, get your popcorn, watch, and enjoy. It was fun making, hopefully its as fun watching…
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