The Dead Will Rise (2009) - Full Movie

The Dead Will Rise (2009)
Directed By: Jordan Salkil
Produced By: Eric Badik and Jordan Salkil
Written By: Jordan Salkil
Starring: Lee Godwin, Brandon Salkil, Jordan Salkil, Joshua Daid, Brandon Haley, and Dean Gangle
Studio: New Order Film Studios
Rating: Unrated
Plot: Two groups of people (a news crew and a group of friends) document the most horrific plague this country has ever seen. Days prior to the Horizex Indecent, a group of friends are celebrating one of their owns 21st birthday on October 31st, 2010. In the mean time a news report team has a lead to investigate a protesting group called P.A.S.S. in order to shut down the Horizex plant. Both groups end up finding out that there is a Zombie Apocalypse in their small town of Aubrey. Now the two groups must find a way to survive or end up as one of "The Dead."
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