Summer Camp Nightmare c1987 Ebassy Home Entertainment

I DO NOT OWN the rights to this video. I DO own the laserdisc version of the film and I ripped this from a Marantz LV-520 player as an MP2. Then used editing software to delete the auto-flip section and compressed it to MP4 with near lossless quality from the original LD! I have not seen this video available on DVD or Blu-Ray so I am uploading it here for all to enjoy.

They were a group of innocent kids, Manipulated by a power-hungry rebel. Violence erupts in a summer camp when a group of boys overthrow the system. CHUCK CONNORS, the camp director, has completely lost touch with the attitudes and interests of youth, enforcing unreasonable restrictions on the campers. Resentment against Connors builds to a climax, and the take-over begins! Their revolution brings the maniacal leadership of one boy to madness, and a harmless prank suddenly changes into a nightmare of terror and anarchy. SUMMER CAMP NIGHTMARE is an outstanding film about youth rebellion that follows in the footsteps of such greats as TAPS and LORD OF THE FLIES.
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