Spider-Man 2 - "Horror Hospital" Scene

EDIT 12/14/15: God damn, I haven't done anything with YouTube in forever.

The opinions I expressed below were made in consideration of comic films at the time and since then I've gotten older and also the world of comic movies has expanded to hilariously awesome proportions. I still think Spider-Man 2 is pretty high up there but that's just me. However I will say I never made any comments about the new Amazing Spider-Man films on this video even long after they've come out (blame that on me being lazy and I guess not caring too much about YouTube). I know a lot of people hate on them but I think both the Raimi series and the Webb series were pretty awesome, and this is coming from someone who's spent the better part of the last decade collecting and reading comics at every opportunity (mostly Batman and Spider-Man).

I guess me updating this now after all this time doesn't really count for anything but I guess I just felt compelled to throw this out there. IMO the Raimi/Webb films are both excellent in their own rights and succeed where the other failed. The Raimi trilogy was closer to the -events- of Spider-Man (wrestling involved in origin story, Norman being the first Goblin before Harry and dying by impalement on his glider, Peter wanting to quit being Spider-Man purely out of the stress of a superhero double life, etc.), but I feel like the Webb films were closer to the -spirit- of Spider-Man; it -felt- more like Spider-Man. It was darker, sweeter, and funnier all at once, and stuck closer to some areas that Raimi did not (Peter's first few years of Spider-Man being in high school, mechanical web shooters, Gwen Stacy is much better than Mary Jane, etc.).

I'm kind of sad that the Webb films were cancelled but on one hand I can see how it was kind of a good thing. As much as I enjoyed ASM2 I know it wasn't perfect, it felt like Sony was trying to get too ambitious trying to create it's own Avengers-like shared universe with exclusively Spider-Man stuff and left too much open-ended and unanswered. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what Marvel's going to do with the character now that they've reached an agreement with Sony. Personally when the next standalone Spider-Man film comes out after Civil War (presumably in 2017, apparently) I hope they take the same route they did with Incredible Hulk and make it a "requel" (remake/sequel hybrid), so that way the people who liked the Raimi and/or Webb films will still enjoy it and the people who didn't will still enjoy it. I doubt they'll do the origin story again, I think they even said so, but they could probably just have it alluded to in the opening credits sequence or something (again, like Incredible Hulk).

Also, I'm pretty sure it's never going to happen (at least not for a long god damn time), but if Marvel and DC ever starts doing cinematic crossovers, I hope they don't just do one or a few Avengers/Justice League movies, and that instead they end up trying some other ideas as well. Personally, I think Batman/Spider-Man crossover movies would be -awesome-. Hell, just even let them be animated DTV like the DC Original Animated films, I'd -still- watch that shit! (as long as it was good, of course.)

Old stuff down here blah;


This is a particular scene in Spider-Man 2 that borderlines into the category of horror.

Personally, I believe that this movie is heavily underrated. For the short period of one year from whence it came out, it was considered the best superhero movie ever made, until Batman Begins came out and tied the spot for many, or succeeded it, depending on perception (Marvel vs DC). Then The Dark Knight and Watchmen came out, and this movie was completely buried under the three of them. People now associate the Spider-Man film series with something awful because Spider-Man 3 fell so short of expectations and apparently disappointed a lot of people. While I do enjoy the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Batman movies as well as Watchmen (and the comic books these movies are based on), I still think Spider-Man 2 still deserves a spot of extreme recognition. In my opinion, the top three superhero movies ever made are (3) Spider-Man 2, (2) Watchmen, and (1) The Dark Knight.

If you have completel forgotten about this movie, or never seen it before, do yourself a favor and pick up Spider-Man 2.1. Only 8 minutes longer but it's extremely worth it.

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