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Relaxing, Instrumental Background Music to Help You Study and Focus.
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Thanks for listening to my study music! I came up with this one during a overnight call at the hospital. After finishing a surgery case, I was suddenly inspired by this melody. I'm not sure exactly why, but this is the final polished outcome of that inspiration. Incidentally, the type of call I was taking that night was "Night Float" call, so there you have it. Night float sounds so nice..as if you were floating through clouds at night, but that's hardly the case in the hospital. It's busy and stressful. But nevertheless, I present you the next study music project! Hope this helps you through the stressful times!

MUSIC BY DENNIS KUO, MD (Composer, Musician, Doctor)

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My name is Dennis Kuo, and I am a resident physician. I am also the MUSIC COMPOSER of the Study Music Project. With my inhumane amount of exam cramming experience and music production, I bring to you my original pieces of study music to help you relax, focus, and concentrate.

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Music composition, arrangement, performance, and production by Dennis Kuo
Artwork by Dennis Kuo

Artwork and Music Copyright 2017 Dennis Kuo. All Rights Reserved.
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