Killers From Space 1954 | Full Length Classic Movie

Director W. Lee Wilder follows up his monumental success with "Phantom From Space" with this little ditty. (Okay, "Phantom From Space" was nowhere near successful, but it sounded good.)

Scientist Peter Graves dies in a plane crash, only to be revived by aliens from another world (and distant relatives of the great Marty Feldman) to do their bidding and assist in taking over Planet Earth.

The film "Killers From Space" and related promotional materials are public domain.

Dr. Douglas Martin is a scientist working on atomic bomb tests. While collecting aerial data on an Air Force atomic blast at Soledad Flats, his plane crashes. He survives the crash unhurt, walking back to the air base with no memory of what happened, except for a strange scar on his chest.

At the base hospital, he acts so strangely that the authorities bring in the FBI, thinking he may be an impostor. He is cleared, but told to take some time off. He protests at being excluded from his project.

An atomic test is set off without his knowledge, so Martin steals the data, then goes back to Soledad Flats and puts the papers under a stone. The FBI agent has followed him, but he escapes until he crashes his car. Back at the hospital, he is given truth serum. He tells a story about being captured by space aliens from Astron Delta and held in their underground base. (The aliens have big eyes like ping-pong balls.)

The aliens plan to exterminate all humans with giant insects and reptiles, grown with radiation absorbed from the bomb tests. Martin intuits that the aliens use stolen electric power to control their powerful apparatus, and they need the bomb data to predict the energy to be released and balanced. The aliens had blanked his memory and hypnotized him into getting the data for them.

The FBI agent and the base commander are skeptical of such an incredible story, and keep him confined at the hospital. Nevertheless, the attending doctor confirms that Martin at least genuinely believes what he told them to be true.

With some calculations on a slide rule, Dr. Martin determines that if he shuts off the power to Soledad Flats for just ten seconds, it will create an overload in the aliens' equipment. So he escapes the hospital and goes to the nearby electrical power plant, where he forces a technician to turn off the power. The alien base is destroyed in a massive explosion, saving the Earth from conquest.

Directed by:
W. Lee Wilder

Produced by:
W. Lee Wilder

Written by:
William Raynor
Myles Wilder

Peter Graves
Barbara Bestar
James Seay
William Gerstle

Narrated by:
Mark Scott

Music by:
Manuel Compinsky

William H. Clothier

Edited by:
William Faris

Distributed by:
RKO Radio Pictures

Release dates:
January 23, 1954 (US)

Running time:
71 min


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