The Amazing Adventure (1936) [Drama] [Romance]

Ernest Bliss (Cary Grant) is a rich socialite suffering boredom. He makes a bet with a doctor, Sir James Aldroyd, that he can live a year without relying on any of his inherited wealth. He loses the bet for £50,000 when he has to draw money to wed poverty stricken Frances Clayton (Mary Brian), to save her from an unhappy marriage of convenience.


Directed and produced by Alfred Zeisler, written by John L. Balderston (writer) and E. Phillips Openheim (novel), starring Cary Grant as Ernest Bliss, Mary Brian as Frances Clayton, Peter Gawthorne as Sir James Alroyd, Henry Kendall as Lord Honiton, Leon M. Lion as Dorrington, John Turnbull as Masters, Arthur Hardy as Crawley, Iris Ashley as Clare, Garry Marsh as The Buyer, Andreas Malandrinos as Guiseppi asn Alfred Wellesley as Montague.


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