JAMES STEWART & DONNA REED "It's a Wonderful Life" • [remastered] • Classic Radio Theater


HeeHaw! It's almost the Holiday Season, so that's a good enough reason to bring you everyone's favorite Christmas Time movie! Several years ago NBC obtained copyrights on the film, and ruins it every year by stretching the 90 minute movie into three hours (with 90 min. of commercials!) Well, there's no copyright on this audio adaptation and no annoying commercials! Plus it stars two of the original film's actors! This Lux Radio Theater version aired three months past Christmas as they wanted to capitalize on the movie's popularity - Like all of my "Movies for your MIND" the audio has been fully restored, and it sounds better than ever!
???? ••••• Broadcast date: March 10, 1947 •••••
✓✓✓√√✓√√✓✓√✓√ STUFF-N-SUCH:..:.:.:..: Hot dog! I wish I had a million dollars!
BTW: I've been sitting on this restored version since early summer, and held it back as long as I could - I'm a traditionalist when in comes to Christmas (to me, Christmas Time ???? starts after Thanksgiving) - But I want as many people as possible to enjoy this!

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