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  • 1:19:36 Eyes In The Night (1942)

    Eyes In The Night (1942)

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    Eyes in the night 1942 film. Crime drama noir that has the lovely Donna Reed as woman whose life is in danger. the blind detective Duncan Maclain is on the case with the help of his leader dog.. with Mantan Moreland - Broken Trout -

  • 1:27:53 Warning from Space (1956)

    Warning from Space (1956)

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    Warning from space 1956 full movie. retro sci-fi film from Japan. Strange creatures from the planet Pairan appear in Tokyo. they come not to invade Earth but to save it. they have discovered a huge meteor rocketing towards Earth! campy science fiction fun

  • 1:08:08 BLOODLUST (1961)

    BLOODLUST (1961)

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    Bloodlust 1961 full movie. Mystery thriller about 4 people who visit a tropical island only to become prey for Dr. Balleau who has bought the property for hunting purposes. this played at the Drive-in theaters back in the 1970s. it was made in 1959 but no

  • 1:11:06 The Devil's Hand  (1962)

    The Devil's Hand (1962)

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    The devil's hand 1962 full movie. Solid mystery thriller starring Robert Alda. classic drive-in movie and late night tv staple. this cult movie has voodoo dolls, devices with rubber knives and strange goings on all set in the big city. by Broken Trout

  • 1:07:22 The Screaming Skull  (1958)

    The Screaming Skull (1958)

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    The screaming skull 1958 full movie. Mystery thriller, Newlyweds have returned to the home where his late first wife met her demise. soon things go bump in the night and the skull makes quite an impression as does the creepy (but is he guilty?) groundskee

  • 1:25:10 Wiretapper (1955)

    Wiretapper (1955)

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    Wiretapper 1955 full movie. Exciting true crime noir film. After our hero an electronics expert is discharged from the service he finds himself in film noir territory when he gets involved with a crime syndicate who need his electronics expertise to compl

  • 1:04:24 Desert Escape (1940) Crime Drama

    Desert Escape (1940) Crime Drama

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    Desert escape 1940 crime drama movie. also known as Marked Men. The setting is the desert, where an escaped convict hides out while being pursued by the authorities. the man is innocent and he must track down the real culprits in order to clear his name.

  • 1:38:36 The Strange Woman (1946) Hedy Lamarr

    The Strange Woman (1946) Hedy Lamarr

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    The strange woman 1946 full movie. Crime thriller noir Starring Hedy Lamarr this is a classy crime drama that deals with a woman who has two very different sides to her personality. - Broken Trout-

  • 1:11:28 Jigsaw (1949)

    Jigsaw (1949)

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    Jigsaw 1949 full movie. Crime film noir mystery thriller with Franchot Tone as an Assistant District Attorney who believes the local print shop owners demise was not self inflicted and when a reporter is bumped off he intends to get to the bottom of the i

  • 25:52 One Step Beyond  "Brainwave"

    One Step Beyond "Brainwave"

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    One step beyond - Brainwave (1959) classic 1950s sci-fi TV program. Strange happenings on a U.S. Navy ship in the south Pacific during wartime. a very good retro science fiction television show. review by Broken Trout

  • 1:04:33 The Last Woman On Earth (1960)

    The Last Woman On Earth (1960)

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    The last woman on earth 1960 full movie. This American Sci-fi film was directed by king of the b-movies Roger Corman. This science fiction film examines the fate and the human struggles involved in the incredible realization that a woman and two men may b

  • 1:18:10 Evil Brain From Outer Space - 1956 film

    Evil Brain From Outer Space - 1956 film

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    Evil Brain From Outer Space 1956 Sci-fi movie . Starman once again needs to rescue planet Earth. this time our superhero matches wits with a brain in a jar from outer space. silly science fiction and martial arts mayhem. - Broken Trout -

  • 55:25 Lady in the Death House (1944)

    Lady in the Death House (1944)

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    Lady in the Death House 1944 movie . Crime noir drama starring Lionel Atwill, Jean Parker. A woman is framed for murder, ends up with a date with "old Sparky" and the kicker is that her soon to be husband has to throw the switch! Great movie. - Broken Tro

  • 20:20 Convict 13 (1920) comedy short

    Convict 13 (1920) comedy short

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    Convict 13 (1920) Silent comedy short film starring Buster Keaton. Like many Keaton shorts, the plot is only an excuse for Keaton to do some of his amazing stunts. - Broken Trout -

  • 29:40 Tom Corbett Space Cadet

    Tom Corbett Space Cadet

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    Tom Corbett space cadet Classic episode from the 1950s sci fi tv program. retro science fiction goodness. "The Deep Space Project" - Broken Trout-